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Plant husbandry – The care and cultivation of crops                                      

For Michelle Clingan and Roscoe Gibson-Denney, plant husbandry is much more than the six-word definition given by the Oxford Dictionary.

The pair both share an enthusiasm and passion for all things plants, but specifically indoor gardening. A relatively recent trend to hit popular culture, indoor gardening is transitioning from dried up and forgotten houseplants, into creating lush green spaces in our homes that we can be proud of. Now Michelle and Roscoe are bringing the trend to Norwich, Norfolk. The duo has taken note of the lack of houseplant sellers in the city centre of Norwich, and so this month have launched their brand-new retail business The Plant Den. Roscoe comments:

“Norwich city centre currently has little seller competition and we aim to be the first to trade exclusively in cacti and houseplants.”

Of course, what is crucial to any good business is experience and knowledge in your chosen field, which Michelle and Roscoe fortunately have spades of. Before starting The Plant Den, Michelle worked in retail for 15 years, so has great commercial awareness coupled with a personal enthusiasm for indoor gardening. Roscoe gained his horticultural knowledge from working as a landscape gardener and is now keen to turn his passion for shrubs and bushes, to indoor plants and cacti.

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“We chose a Start Up Loan as it was the only way to make our dream a reality.”

Despite having passion and knowledge, Michelle and Roscoe knew this was not enough to grow their dream alone, and that to succeed they were going to need business advice. So, the duo turned to Nwes, who worked with them to sculpt their business plan, forecast financials and build marketing materials. Roscoe explains:

“Before doing a business plan, we spent a long time doing as much research as possible. Pre-planning is vital and using an Nwes Business Advisor to bounce ideas off was fundamental in bringing it all together.”

Nwes also supported the business pair in their application for a Start Up Loan, a government backed loan support service especially for small businesses with a 1-5 years loan repayment term. As an official delivery partner, Nwes helped Michelle and Roscoe create a strong application for crucial funding to launch their business. Roscoe notes:

“We chose a Start Up Loan as it was the only way to make our dream a reality.”

“Neither myself or Michelle had any savings. I worked as a freelancer and Michelle was on a zero hours contract. None of this would have been possible without the help of a Start Up Loan.”

We’re glad to say they that Michelle and Roscoe were successful with their Start Up Loan application and now The Plant Den is beginning life as a micro business. With the determined and passionate Michelle and Roscoe tending to it, we’re sure it will grow and blossom.

If you’re looking for a flourishing houseplant or a quirky cactus, you can find The Plant Den in the basement of Jarrold Department Store in Norwich city centre.

Are you preparing to start-up or in the first two years of running your own business? Contact the Nwes team about how a Start Up Loan could support your idea too.

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