Synergy15 Ltd

Business Name:  Synergy15 Ltd

Support received:  Start Up Loan and Start & Grow

Location:  Norwich, Norfolk


Synergy15 Ltd offers cabling infrastructure installations.  Based in Norwich, the business start-up is the brain child of Directors Jayson Nicholas and Martin Ilett.

We spoke to Martin and Jason about their start-up journey.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

Both with backgrounds in telecoms, IT and communication, we decided to establish Synergy15 Ltd because we wanted to put the future in our own hands and have more freedom over the time we worked.

Synergy15 Ltd brings cross-sector expertise.  Our skill sets, experience and connections within the IT, telecoms and multimedia industries mean we can advise and provide complete cabling infrastructure solutions to meet all requirements across these different sectors.

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“There are many highlights to being your own boss, such as winning the work, and delivering and exceeding customer expectations.” 

Do you have any employees?

Using contractors, we employ the services of around twelve regular engineers plus a book keeper to continue to drive the business forward.

We hope to be one of the top recognised companies in Norwich for our services.  We aim to do this by targeting our marketing, taking advantage of more networking opportunities and raising the company profile on-line.

What have been the most helpful experiences and knowledge that you have gained from working with Nwes?

Through Nwes, we discovered we were eligible to apply for a Start Up Loan, for which Nwes is a delivery partner.  We were able to use this and our own funds to give Synergy15 Ltd the launch pad it needed.  Additionally, we also took advantage of business support and training workshops provided by Nwes.  We will also receive ongoing support to help to expand through the Start & Grow programme.

What are the highlights of running your own business?

There are many highlights to being your own boss, such as winning the work, and delivering and exceeding customer expectations.  Our advice for others looking to start up in business is to get involved with networking meetings, and listen to advice from experienced, successful business owners.

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