Inspiring Story: Ruth’s Kitchen

Business Name: Ruth’s Kitchen

Support received: Start Up Loan and Ready for Business

Location: Norwich


As a busy mother of two young daughters, Ruth Kitcher, from Norwich, had dreams of running her own business but had always felt like she was underachieving and suffered from low self-confidence. Two years later, now a successful businesswoman and running Ruth’s Kitchen café, which serves her own unique spin on Jerusalem street food, the future has never looked brighter.

Based along the city’s vibrant Magdalen Street, the menu at Ruth’s Kitchen has a loyal following and business has steadily built since it launched in August 2014. 

What was your motivation for starting your own business? 

I was a mother with two young daughters with a quest to fulfil a dream of running my own business. Before the Ruth’s Kitchen, I felt I was underachieving.  I have now proved to myself that I can achieve and build success from just a dream.  Very much like my food, which is freshly created daily. I now have a few grey hairs but feel so much more confident about myself.   

What makes your business unique?

The menu is inspired by the culinary fusion of Jerusalem.  Ruth’s Kitchen sells healthy, nutritious dishes, which are made on the premises using fresh ingredients from traditional recipes.   With a menu which includes falafels, humus, shawarma, Middle Eastern salads and pickles. My ethos of ‘eat fresh for less’ is proving to be a big hit.

Have you taken on business premises, or do you work from home?

I have a cafe situated on Magdalen Street, an ethnic trading street in Norwich. We employ two members of staff and have just recently recruited our first full time employee.

Have you encountered any challenges?

I haven’t taken a holiday for three years and coping with the life/work balance of bringing up a young family is difficult. We also had a house fire which was a really testing time and a massive low when trying to move the business forward.  I feel I can now handle any situation!

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“Don’t walk away from your idea. Work hard – it pays off. Get focused and remember who you are, everything else is just noise. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room you just need to know who is, and dare to be different!”

What have been the most helpful experiences and knowledge that you have gained from working with Nwes?

Advice from Nwes’s Richard Voisey, who also supported us with our Start Up Loan application, and the help from Business Trainer John Clarke, who provided great education. This got me started.  I attended business planning courses, business meetings and received great support from Richard, which enabled me to push my dream forward.

If you love your business, you will love your customers. The proof of the pudding (every pun intended) is through the fantastic reviews we receive and our repeat customers.

Do you have any advice for others with dreams of starting their own business?

On the first day of opening, I thought I was going to be rich and there would be people queuing down the street.  I rapidly realigned my goals!

Don’t walk away from your idea.  Work hard – it pays off.  Get focused and remember who you are, everything else is just noise.  You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room you just need to know who is, and dare to be different!

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