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As an Automatic Gearbox Technician, Pawel Trznadel made such a positive impact on his previous employers, that it inspired him to consider his own business start-up. Supported by Nwes, he established London Automatics in early 2017, and is using his skills and experience to become a successful business owner – and he hasn’t looked back.

We spoke to Pawel about his start-up experience.

Can you tell us more about London Automatics and why you decided to start-up your own business?

London Automatics specialises in automatic gearbox repair, reconditioning and remanufacturing. I have been working in the industry for many years, and in my last job I made such an impression on the business, that it motivated me to set up on my own company and become a serious player in the market.

My skills are in great demand as there are not many automatic gearbox technicians around, so I know I can make a success of London Automatics.  I have great experience in the automatic gearbox engineering trade, good customer service and I am passionate about doing a great job and helping customers make the right choices.  This I believe is the perfect mixture to help me succeed in business sector I am in.

How has Nwes supported you?

After contacting Nwes, I was put in contact with Business Advisor and Area Manager, Gillian Austen. I gained 1-to-1 business advice to help to write my business plan and produce an application for a Start Up Loan.

The application was successful, and I used my loan to purchase the equipment I needed for my workshop, property costs, and to support the marketing and advertising for London Automatics.

Getting the right advice and support from Nwes was really important.  When you are just starting out having someone to talk to about what is going on is useful.

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“Getting the right advice and support from Nwes was really important.”  

Did you encounter any challenges?

The search to find my perfect premise wasn’t easy. I didn’t give up and got a few people ‘on the case’ who kept their eyes open. I viewed many different units and had lots of conversations with agencies and landlords until I finally got lucky.

But these early challenges have been completely outweighed by the highlight of becoming self-employed. I am now 100% in control and I am relishing the decision-making responsibility.

What is your ultimate aim for London Automatics?

The hours have been long, but worth it. In two years’ time I hope to have a regular customer base and a fully booked diary!  I aim to be the go-to company when anyone in the South East needs work done on their automatic vehicles.

My goal is to build a successful business that will ensure I can give my family and son a bright future.

London Automatics is progressing so well that I now undertake work for the company I used to work for, but with the freedom of being my own boss and the promise of an exciting future ahead.

In need of gearbox repair? Discover London Automatics’ range of services here.

Are you preparing to start-up or in the first two years of running your own business? Contact the Nwes team about how a Start Up Loan could support your idea too.

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