Lash and Glo

Business Name:  Lash and Glo

Support Received:  Start Up Loan and Start & Grow

Location:  Cambridge


Beauty therapist Lucy Weedon developed a passion for her trade while training and, after initially working from her parents’ converted garage, she realised she wanted to expand the business and turned to enterprise agency, Nwes for advice.

We spoke to Lucy about the impact of the support she received from Nwes and her advice to others who are considering becoming self-employed.

Tell us more about Lash and Glo and what has inspired you?

We are located on Cambridge’s Newmarket Road.  Lash and Glo is a beauty salon specialising in eyelash extensions and HD brows, as well as offering a host of other treatments, including Botox, fillers, and hairstyling and CACI non-surgical face and body treatments.

The salon offers a comfortable, friendly environment.  We have a team of talented beauticians and therapists, and Lash and Glo has built a strong and supportive client base – they have inspired me and made me even more determined to drive Lash and Glo forward towards success.

What support did you gain from Nwes?

I worked with Nwes Senior Business Advisor, Sergio Aschettino, and gained over 40 hours of 1-to-1 business advice, which supported my application for a Start Up Loan.  I used this to secure the premises, make it fit for purpose and ensure I had the stock and equipment needed.  As a result, I have a team of self-employed therapists’ onsite, and have seen the growth of the business since the salon opened in December 2016.

What have been the challenges and highlights?

My only challenge was finding the right premises, with enough parking and space to suit our needs.

We have built an amazing team and met some lovely people along the way.

I’ve received great support from Sergio, my Nwes Business Advisor, and he continues to support Lash and Glo via email, visits and telephone calls.

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“Be confident in your own ability and don’t give up on your passion.”

What does the future hold for Lash and Glo?

I’m excited about the future.  With continued Nwes support through the Start & Grow programme, we hope to be able to offer more treatments to our clients, and eventually build a bigger team to keep up with demand.

There is also the potential to open further salons, but for now I wish to consolidate the salon business in Cambridge, ensuring everything is right and working well, before I explore the possibility of expanding.

Do you have any advice for others considering a business start-up?

Be confident in your own ability and don’t give up on your passion.

Follow your heart.  I wouldn’t have done anything differently.  Running your own business is not an easy ride, however Nwes are able to offer you support if you need it.

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