Sniffe & Likkit is a Suffolk-based pet care company specialising in great grooming, gifts and treats to indulge your hairy hounds.

Here at Nwes we are passionate about our clients and have been making it a priority to promote their businesses and successes. As stated above, Sniffe & Likkit is a pet care company which specialises in great grooming, gifts and treats to indulge dogs of all breeds.

It is incredibly important to give your pets the best care possible and winners of the PetQuip Awards 2020 Product of the Year in Healthcare & Grooming, Sniffe & Likkit provide just that. Offering “fun and fabulous” fragrant and efficacious products such as 3-in-1 brightening and conditioning shampoo and soothing and conditioning paw protection balm, plus much more! Now more than ever, we think that pets deserve the best love and care feasible.

Many pets have been life changing and even life saving for families and individuals across the world this past year, with them offering far more than just slobbery greetings and warm cuddles. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  state that, along with the obvious enjoyments to having a pet, they also provide a number of health benefits such as decreased blood pressure and reduced feelings of loneliness, just to name a few.

Lee Sargent from Sniffe & Likkit expressed that, “during this exceptional year, millions of Britons re-discovered just what their pets do for them. Dogs especially got upgraded from children’s pet, to exercise alibi, mental health therapist and above all, loyal members of the family. These shifts accelerated the insights we uncovered about the opportunity to indulge them a little, with a sense of fun and excellent products that enhance their wellbeing.”

We couldn’t agree with Lee more. Visit to order your pets some well deserved, ‘pawesome’ products.

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Learn more about Sniffe & Likkit here and how Nwes can help your business too.

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