Nadine specifically created N.ableD to address the gap in the rehabilitation sector so that people didn’t have to go through what she and her father went through.


History of Company

The story behind why N.ableD was created begins with the Founding Director, Nadine Denneth, who in 2013, became a carer for her father after he was hospitalised for 3 months for Bipolar Disorder. As a result of her own personal and professional experience working as a Specialist Exercise Therapist, Nadine specifically created N.ableD.


“As N.ableD’s Founder my mission is to prevent what happened to my dad from needlessly happening to anyone else.  Our service can and has changed the lives of many people who had previously given up hope of being able to recover from their injury, debilitating health condition or hospitalisation, who are looking for a way to get their health back on track holistically.

Our team of specialist, yet compassionate, exercise professionals, physiotherapists and nutritional therapists work collaboratively to support people who want to become physically and mentally well again.  I know from both personal and professional experience that starting the journey of taking back the control of your own health and well-being will certainly go a very long way to ensure that both you and your loved one’s quality of life is preserved…well into the future.”

How has Nwes support changed your business?

“The Nwes business support has shaped my business, since receiving the grant, we were awarded our first contract to deliver a series of Health & Well-being workshops.”

What are your plans over the coming year?

“We have plans to scale in the near future and have a reputable new client with a West London charity to reach more than 100 of their beneficiaries over the next 12 months”. 

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“Thanks to all the time and support from Nwes, the grant has really helped my business”

Learn more about N.ableD here and how Nwes can help your business too.

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