Giuliano created Get Groomed after spotting a gap in the market for mobile hair and beauty services.


History of Company

There was a gap in the market for on-demand beauty services for men. Research showed consumers critiqued the waiting times at salons and the lack of quality in some barbershops. As a result, we built a platform to provide on-demand services for busy individuals looking for the finest male beauty services. The hair and beauty industry is challenging and requires massive volumes of sales in order to be financially stable, we are currently re-investing all the profits in marketing in order to become more visible.


Nwes provided a 4 -day workshop covering marketing, PR, business plan, financial plans and other topics that were very helpful to launch a start-up. I accessed online resources like business plan templates, a business network and support from talented business advisors. Nwes also provided help for pitches and grants. Since the Start-up Ready programme, our number of customers have grown 800%.

How has Nwes support changed your business?

“The resources provided by Nwes are invaluable and really helped us shape and scale the company the way we wanted to. I would recommend them to any entrepreneur or soon- to-be-entrepreneur. With Nwes, we secured the Tower Hamlet Start- up Ready Programme grant which helped us establish our company in London and offer us invaluable visibility. The training and resources are very helpful for entrepreneur who lacks a strong business background and the network of members is extremely useful for new businesses.

What are your plans over the coming year?

“In 2019 we are partnering with WeWork to provide more barber-on-demand popups in offices in London. We are planning to offer a more diverse portfolio of services and we plan to release an app for Android and IOS phones. We are currently in the process of raising £250.000 to support our next 18 months growth to start our serie A round of funding. We partnered with Baxter of California last year which provided more visibility and beauty brands that seek exposure for their beauty products.” 

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“Since completing the Start-up Ready programme, our number of customers has grown 800%”

Learn more about Get Groomed here and how Nwes can help your business too.

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