Berta created CyberFish to protect computer systems from theft or damage.


History of Company

Launched in 2018, Berta’s expertise derives from psychology and cyber security. Berta was inspired to start a business using her talent gained from education, Berta saw a void in cyber systems and the manner companies react which lead her to develop effective cyber intelligence solutions. After launching the business Berta faced business development and scaling challenges, specifically building ‘trust’ with clients due to security and data being sensitive areas for companies.


The 4-day workshop delivered by Nwes was very informative, direct and straight to the point. Many workshops I’ve attended have been too broad whereas the Nwes workshop covered all relevant topics and featured a great diverse network of people. The main highlight from my one-to one Nwes business advisor is the passion and attention to detail shown towards my business, I left every meeting so inspired!

How has Nwes support changed your business?

“The support I received from Nwes was invaluable, the grant played a pivotal role as I was able to acquire membership at Level 39, a workspace in Tower Hamlets, which gave me a place to operate and opened many doors from contacts and clients. My company is more visible, and I have gained access to networks due to the financial support.

What are your plans over the coming year?

“CyberFish has been accepted for Digital Catapult, a government sponsored initiative for start-ups. To add, I have joined the cohort for the Mayor’s Business Growth Programme starting April.” 

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“Nwes & Tower Hamlets grant was pivotal for my business. It allowed me to flourish and boost my visibility”

Learn more about CyberFish here and how Nwes can help your business too.

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