ABC Teepee’s offers bespoke teepee party packages to customers in Ipswich, Colchester and all surrounding areas. They have a variety of party themes, giving your event the wow factor.


Christine founded ABC Teepee’s in 2021, and began supplying her teepee tents as part of party packages for children. Her business aims to meet client needs by putting together a party set up specifically for each client, whether its a jungle theme like the one imaged below, or a festive theme over the Christmas period.

Christine had our support when applying for a start up loan. We spoke to Christine to ask her about her experiences of setting up and growing her own business over the last year. You can see her answers to questions below.



What does your business offer?

My business is a teepee sleepover hire, called ABC Teepee’s. We offer different themed teepees to suit the clients needs. This can be from princess to football themes. My business is called ABC Teepee’s and it is name after myself and my 2 children, my daughter is called Arabella, my sons name is Bradley and I am Christine.

How did the support from Nwes assist you?

I was given great business advice which helped shape my start up loan application and to take my business forward.  The whole process was easy and knowing the support  was available when I needed it made everything so simple.

How have you used your start up loan?

So far I have used some of the loan money to buy more stock and to build a website which will also feature a booking system.

What has been the highlight of starting your own business?

So far I have enjoyed bring creative with ideas the most about starting my own business. It’s nice to know I have no pressure from anyone above me pushing their ideas and deadlines, instead I can work at my own pace and use my own imagination.
I also like I can now plan my day around my children. I can be there for them when I need to be and make a living.

What is the one thing you wish you would have known sooner on your journey?

I wish I had believed I could do it by myself and had to courage to start my business sooner.

What are your plans over the coming year?

Over the next few years I have a plans to offer even more themes and would like to also have my own staff. I also have dreams of having my own bigger storage unit space to be to help stay organised. Having a small van sign written with my logo on it too would be great.


To find out more about ABC Teepee’s and follow Christine’s journey, visit her on Instagram (@abcteepees) or on Facebook as ABC Teepee’s.

If you would like to begin your own business journey just like Christine, call us on 01603 227840 or use the live chat on the bottom right of your screen, and a member of the team will be more than happy to talk you through the support available.

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