– Daniel Hughes, Digital Marketing Administrator

What an amazing start to 2018. For the first time in our history, we have over 100 events live!

Now that 2018 has finally arrived, we are pushing to provide as many opportunities as possible and by breaking this milestone, we are beginning to achieve this.

We believe that business events and workshops should be freely available to both budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses looking to grow. An excellent way to progress your skills, grow your connections and discuss business ideas, we offer a wide range of workshops across East Anglia, London and East Midlands covering everything from how to start a business to business networking events and presentations from industry experts.

Alongside our well-known ‘first steps to startup’ workshops, that have now supported over 5,000 startups, here’s a snapshot of new events we have available to you for 2018:

How Your Customers See You

Designed to help businesses consider their customers journey and first impressions, it will help you look at the practical ways to make a real difference to your customer’s experience.


Business and Wellbeing

Join Nwes, industry experts and like-minded businesses at Rouen House Business Centre in Norwich city centre to discuss the practical side of keeping your stress down, your confidence up and your wellbeing in check.


Growing Your Business

This programme is designed for business owners, senior managers or aspiring managers who will have responsibility for growing a business, organisation or department. The programme consists of practical and tutored sessions during which delegates will learn a number of techniques and methods to increase their ability to plan, manage and maximize opportunities to develop profitable and effective growth.


First Steps to Start up


Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering new business ideas, the experienced Nwes trainers will guide you through all the foundations on how to start a business.


If you are interested in any of our events (most of which are free!) then click the link for a full list here:


Wishing all startups, Nwes clients and tenants a happy and prosperous new year.

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