Nwes are looking for people who have experience in business to join our team of volunteer mentors.


In the last year Nwes have supported over 500 new businesses to obtain a Start Up Loan and we need people like you to help nurture the next generation of British Businesses.

As a mentor, you will guide the entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and realise their potential.  You will help them to understand problems, identify solutions and implement their plans.

We are looking for people who have experience in business, perhaps in a particular discipline i.e. Accounting, IT, Marketing  or have held senior management positions, leading a team.

The key to being a mentor is being someone who wants to make a difference to your mentee.


What is your commitment?

We appreciate that time is limited, each entrepreneur can have up to 15 hours of mentoring during the first year.  We have found that most mentees engage well for the first 6 months using up about 8 hours of their mentor time.


What do I get out of being a mentor?

While you won’t get paid for being a mentor, there are lots of other benefits that come with the role – like these:

  • the personal satisfaction of being able to give something back
  • the chance to pass on all you have learned about good business to someone who will benefit from your experience
  • to practice your managerial skills and guide your entrepreneur through a key stage in their career
  • a boost to your own career by adding mentorship to your skillset
  • you’ll learn as much from your mentee as they do from you
  • a fresh perspective on your own career
  • you’ll feel energised thanks to your entrepreneur’s fresh enthusiasm
  • the chance to watch a young business grow and develop with your help and support


A couple of important points

  • Whilst acting as a mentor you will be covered by our indemnity insurance.
  • One thing you can’t do as a mentor is accept payment in cash for in kind for any of the support or guidance you provide.  A full mentor/mentee agreement will be signed for each new relationship you undertake which will detail all the conditions.


If you think you have what it takes to become a mentor:

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