Integrate is a week long programme (February 15th-21st) of creative events aimed at young people aged 18-25 affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will offer support and guidance on how to develop your creative practice and career as well as providing a platform for inspiration, connectivity and growth.

Site Collective is a creative community events company founded in late 2019 and developed in response to COVID-19. Local creative and research student Callum Ritchie partnered with designer Dominic Lovegrove and illustrator Julia Triay Sarasa to create a space for creative community growth for young people in Norwich.

The result has been a series of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and live briefs. We have managed to return money into the hands of creatives we need it within our communities as well as raise awareness of issues within the creative industries. This is summed up based in their Integrate programme over the next few weeks. Participants will be able to develop skills, work on paid live briefs and make better informed decisions about their creative careers.

Studies suggest that the creative industries at large are responsible for well over £100billion of contributions to the UK economy and that young people are giving up on their creative dream jobs during this pandemic. We can change this by working together.

Anyone aged 18-25 can get involved in Integrate by following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@sitecollective) for further instructions or by visiting our website. ( If you’re a creative facilitator, workshop host or industry professional aged 18-25 we might want to work with you in the future.

Sign up for Integrate is now LIVE at

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