1 September 2010

A few random thoughts on what I think it takes to be a good leader. Not an exhaustive list and one to which I will continue to add and adapt. A good leader..

1. Is punctual
2. Knows the difference between important and urgent
3. Never complains that they do not have enough time
4. Does what is necessary even if it courts unpopularity
5. Accepts responsibility
6. Is always courteous
7. Says “Hello” to all staff every day
8. Thanks people as a matter of course
9. Talks to people “face to face”
10. Never checks their phone in the middle of a conversation
11. Is determined to be the best in their industry
12. Respects different opinions
13. Does not accept excuses
14. Understands that every system can be improved
15. Leads through attitude, skill and competence not by job title
16. Helps others in their careers
17. Sticks to their values come what may
18. Always has a “Plan B”
19. Knows that you are only as good as your last decision
20.Realises that paper qualifications mean nothing unless they can be converted into appropriate action
21. Learns from others both older and younger
22. Respects wisdom
23. Harnesses technology as a tool not a master
24. Knows the difference between “dress down” and “scruffy”
25. ….”one of the gang” and “embarrassing”
26. ….”in confidence” and “gossip”
27. knows that it is harder to build than destroy
28. Knows when to say “sorry”
29. Can laugh
30. Believes in themselves
31. Makes mistakes but learns from them
32. Takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources
33. Isn’t afraid to copy as well as innovate
34. understands that there is no destination – business is a constant journey
35. Puts things in perspective
36. Knows that outputs, figures etc are a means to an end not the end itself
37. Understands that businesses is a cycle – there will be bad times as well as good
38. Can celebrate success
39. Is not afraid of odd numbered lists!

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