14 January 2009

At a recent Charity Ball I was talking to a successful local entrepreneur about what drives him on in business. I was surprised that he answered exactly as I would – fear! He was in his mid thirties and has built up a sizable property and building empire. Like me he comes from humble origins but had a determination to better himself. The main thing that drives him on in growing his business is the fear of losing it all and returning to the council estate where he grew up. Indeed he said that if he has a bad day then he detours to his childhood home to remind himself of what is at stake and this always remotivates him. I would be interested in what drives on other entrepreneurs. Often money, success etc is quoted but I am not certain that this is the motivating factor for the majority of our entrepreneurs. The desire to create a better life for the family is high on my list and that fear of losing it all is what drives me on too. Many people ask “what makes an entrepreneur” and determination must be at the top of the list.

This is a subject which I will return to in later posts.

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