2 February 2018

– Jessica Hewson, Nwes Digital Marketing Assistant

This week marks National Storytelling Week (27th Jan – 3rd Feb). Founded by the Society for Storytelling 18 years ago, the week aims to celebrate and rejoice in the tradition of storytelling.


Storytelling is a wonderful medium, with the power to enrich so many across generations simply with a little imagination and the willingness to listen. Though we might initially pair storytelling with the idea of tales for children; of pirates, princesses and faraway lands –  storytelling also encompasses so much more. It’s unbound from barriers, genre, location, titles or even how it’s represented. A story can be a thousand-page book by a noted author, or it can be a 2-minute account of that funny thing that happened at work, which you share with your mum, dad, wife, husband or friend. Hundreds of stories can be found tucked away on the pages of books in libraries waiting to be discovered, or at the end of our fingertips as we switch on the television to dramas, soaps and films. It is because of this accessibility that we all have the power to be a storyteller.

For Nwes every person that comes to us for support and advice often has a story to tell. We hear of business tales of past, present and future, of the events and choices that guided a person to us, and what they hope their business can become with our support. Venture into Nwes’ digital library here, where you can read a selection of these inspirational stories and how we have helped their businesses onto the road to success.

In December we decided it was time to tell you a story. So, with excitement and creativity flowing in the Norwich office, Nwes’ ‘The Elves and The Shoemaker’ video remake was born. With a little imagination and out of the box thinking, we decided to transform the 1806 fairy tale to represent our services. The traditional story tells the tale of a poor shoemaker who receives much-needed help from the elves. In our video version, the story reflects the start-up process in business, and the support and resources available at Nwes. It was also an obvious choice considering the shoe industry heritage in Norwich, the location of our head office. It was a wonderful chance for the Nwes team – from marketing to administration – to each play a role and tell a story together, with the hope that you out there would watch, listen, learn and retell. If you have managed to miss our venture into cinematic storytelling, you can catch-up below.

Now don’t worry if you’re only just discovering National Storytelling week, you still have time to get involved. Fortunately, the annual tradition operates with a “Coat Tales” policy, meaning you still have 4 days after the week ends (3rd Feb) to keep on celebrating.

What is important to remember this week, is that not only are there are no end of stories to be discovered, but we are all storytellers. And if you don’t believe me – try it! Think outside the box, start small, jot down a few ideas or narrate out loud if you prefer. We did and look where we ended up – dressed as elves making shoes while telling the story of Nwes!


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