18 January 2021

Think Outside The Box

Events over the last nine months have identified more than ever that businesses need to have a flexible approach to trading and a creative, innovative approach to their customer proposition.

I have investigated an agricultural business who then ingeniously dipped into retail. Followed this by entering the troubled hospitality sector and finally fitness.

Eggs, fruit, and meat
A good example of thinking outside the box is a business which was not actually adversely affected by lockdown. An organic egg production business spotted the challenge of consumers struggling to buy in supermarkets faced with empty shelves and an uneasy environment.

Their first step was to convert a shed into a mini farm shop initially selling their eggs and then building up relationships with local suppliers to sell fresh fruit and veg. The next initiative was to set up a website and make local food deliveries. When the round grew to a sufficient size, a dedicated vehicle was acquired. A collaboration was then set up with the local butcher to include meat deliveries and thereby generating yet another income stream.

The next opportunity was to research additional uses for the land beyond housing their egg laying hens. A piece of land was used to set up a mini ‘festival style’ weekend community hub. A mobile bar was acquired, and local food and coffee venders were invited to provide refreshment and nourishment options. Bales of straw were strategically placed to assist social distancing. It provided yet another income stream and played a valuable outdoor village asset to assist with the well-publicised wellbeing issues facing the population, creating a friendly family atmosphere and fresh air for the kids away from their technology.

The enterprising business had not finished. The land was then used to launch weekend keep fit summer boot camps. An ideal opportunity to offer a fresh option for those craving more exercise than just walking, running, or cycling.

If you are thinking about running a business, do some in-depth research into want people want and what is trending. If you are running a business, take a step outside your box and question if your business model is producing the best results it can or whether there are new opportunities you can take advantage of?

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