20 May 2016

MaxineEnglishImageOneAfter an accident, Maxine English was told her injury made her unemployable. Refusing to accept this, Maxine saw an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream to work for herself, doing something she loves.

She said, “Sometimes things need to develop slowly, and I have always been someone who likes to get things done immediately. Whilst the journey from idea to opening the business was a long and hard one, and sometimes frustrating, working for myself makes it all worthwhile.”

Maxine’s business, Party Crown Direct Ltd, is a unique all-in-one special occasions shop, providing party, wedding and christening supplies, with over 3000 lines in stock. “Customer service is top on my list!” Maxine likes to listen to her customers about their needs so that she can provide them with an ideal bespoke solution, rather than simply pointing at products on her shelves.

“The main high point for me is being able to fulfill my ambition, and having the opportunity to help my customers through a tailored customer service experience. The satisfaction I get from doing what I am doing is immense.”

Now the business has launched, Maxine says there are still challenges to face. “Managing cash flow can be quite daunting, and, being a small business, I sometimes need to work 70 hours per week. It’s a challenge to manage everything else in life around this.”

“I found the benefit of the support I received from [Nwes] Business Trainer Joseph Barrell invaluable. Joseph is open, honest, caring, friendly and reliable in his approach. I have found his input to the process inspiring and motivational,” said Maxine.

Maxine’s Business Trainer Joseph said, “Having seen the hard work and commitment Maxine has shown, and continues to show in this venture, will lead her to the success to which she aspires. Seeing Maxine working in her shop, providing an exceptional level of customer service is refreshing. Maxine’s determination, despite her disability, to realise her lifelong ambition of opening her own business is impressive to say the least. I wish her every success.”

Maxine’s advice to other entrepreneurs, “Do something that you love. Also, talk to Nwes to get some solid advice and help with the direction you are thinking of traveling.”

Congratulations on your success Maxine!

Visit Maxine’s shop at 61 Lampits Hill, Corringham, Essex, SS17 9AA or visit partycrowndirect.co.uk

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