8th March 2016

ORBIS 1 FNLNwes Centre, OrbisEnergy, Lowestoft.

As my first year as an Nwes Peripatetic Coordinator draws to a close, I feel that now would be a good time to explain what my job role actually is, because, now, after a whole year, I feel I truly understand it myself.

Starting this new adventure, it did not take long for me to realise that this role was unlike any other role I had had before. Several days into my training, having visited a few of the sites I would be covering, I began to realise the scope of the challenge I’d be taking on. In the simplest terms, my job is to seamlessly slot into the place of the person who I am covering for the day. This would be simple, if the people I am covering weren’t so diverse in their responsibilities and world-champion multi-taskers.

My days are busy, bordering on packed. I am normally covering a centre, whilst completing work for a centre I was previously at, whilst preparing for a centre I’ll be at next week. It is exhausting and I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when even the best laid plans are derailed by the unexpected, and I consider becoming a professional dog walker. But it’s then that I remind myself of the time before this one, when a project seemed tough and I turned it around.

Despite all of this, I still consider myself to be one of the luckiest of the Nwes staff. Not only do I continually get diversity and excitement, but I get to spend time at all of our beautiful centres across East Anglia and I get to work with each and every one of my amazing colleagues. Due to the location and demands of each of our centres, the property team at Nwes are rarely able to work side by side, our relationships forged mostly via email, phone calls and meetings. I, however, get to enjoy the company of all of my colleagues day after day.

It is not only my colleagues that I am grateful for, but also the smiling faces of all of the tenants, visitors, contractors and clients that I get to meet time and time again. Every day I walk into a centre and am greeted like an old friend. It is a good way to start a day.

Written by Nwes Peripatetic Coordinator, Rebecca Buckley.

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