15 September 2015

The rise of event marketing in reaching the peak of importance to a business’ selling strategy shows no sign of halting; the opportunity of going face-to-face with prospective customers gives it a distinguished edge over selling in the digital world, and delivers a direct, targeted and affordable way to communicate your vision and service.

Event marketing offers four outstanding reasons to be implemented into any business’ marketing arsenal:

Building professional relationships that are predicated on strong communication and smooth interaction is invaluable in obtaining customers. Event marketing offers a unique chance to personally promote your services and ambitions to your audience and engage with your demographic in the strongest, most natural way possible.

As with any form of marketing, talent is required to truly grasp the benefits event marketing brings. But dodging the pitfalls inherent in sales and marketing means you could be well on course to securing a long-term business relationship.

A variety of marketing is available through event marketing’s diverse nature. There’s a vast assortment of events out there, providing you with an abundance of options to promote your services.

Trade shows provide the largest and most exciting form of event marketing, offering a plethora of benefits, particularly through attracting more leads, enhancing your brand, and securing an increase in sales; they offer a fantastic platform for active marketing where you can interact and build valuable relationships with potential customers, suppliers or partners.

Seminars and workshops also contain fantastic benefits through the interactive element they bring as well as offering an environment where you can endear yourself to audiences by showcasing your expert knowledge and insight, and in turn build an enviable reputation that boosts your brand.

Web events may not offer as much as live events, but this form of gatherings also provide a return on your efforts; they too offer an opportunity to engage and interact with audiences whilst having little impact on your outgoing costs.

Securing leads is one of event marketing’s most prominent opportunities. With a strong and ambitious crowd you can potentially see a plenitude of work in return. If there’s a crowd there, there’ll be interest and opportunities for you to promote your service.

Embedding your brand into the public’s minds is one of event marketing’s key attributes. If done correctly, you have at your disposal a platform to promote your logo, slogan, and products to the customers you want to secure.

With your brand implanted in their mind, alongside the message and personal interaction you’ve had, the customer takes away with them the service you provide, the quality you offer and the vision you hold.

Event marketing is truly an excellent form of marketing and if planned and executed correctly it could potentially be one of the sharpest tactics available in your business strategy.

Do you want to reach an SME or Start-up Audience?

London Small Business Centre has recently partnered with The Business Show. It’s Europe’s largest trade show for SMEs and Start-ups with 25,000 visitors pouring into the Olympia, London for this incredible two day event.

If your business sells to other businesses then I can highly recommend The Business Show as a great avenue to sell your product or service. As Europe’s largest event for Startups and SMEs, the sheer number of business owners that come through the doors over the two days is unrivalled, making this a unique opportunity to gather hundreds of leads, build brand awareness and increase your client base.

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