26th April 2016

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Whether bumbling around in the kitchen in the morning, looking for a coffee pot or out for a catch up with your friends, coffee is a staple of many’s daily routine. And it’s safe to say coffee has become an integral part of the workplace too.

Coffee is an excellent way to help encourage individuals to socialise in more personal ways in the work place, helping to create and build new connections for business. Not only does coffee allow individuals to network, it allows them to have a much needed five minutes ‘downtime’ to step away from the desk (this has been proven to increase productivity).

Working at OrbisEnergy – a busy innovation Hub, I have come to realise “Let’s have a cup of coffee!” can mean “Let’s have a conversation” – a statement so simple yet potentially a pivotal moment for a company or worker. When I first started as a Centre Coordinator, a new start up company was having a meeting with an Nwes Business Advisor, discussing how to get larger companies interested in their product. One of our tenants happened to be walking past to grab a coffee from the boardroom, and he overheard conversation about the product, and requested a sample – he ended up trialing the product on one of his projects – all from a cup of coffee!

We have since cottoned onto the power of this and started to put on ‘coffee hours’ where tenants have the opportunity to take a five minute break/networking opportunity by grabbing a much-needed caffeine fix from our boardroom coffee machine. Needless to say, this has gone down a treat, giving the tenants a little pick me up.

We have taken it one step further – since we found ourselves quite limited on when we could run a ‘coffee hour’ (our boardroom is our most popular meeting room and is often fully booked), we are installing a brand new free coffee machines in each reception area for all our centres, so visitors and tenants will be able to curb their caffeine cravings when with a delicious coffee.

Here’s to more caffeine, more socialising and more business deals!
Written by Nwes Centre Coordinator, Devon Mills

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