30 March 2015

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If you’re a new or growing business the decisions around business premises is a crucial one. Numerous questions end up running through your head ………. what size space do I need? … what are the terms? … how much are the business rates? … what repairs am I liable for? … is there an internet services are available? … can I afford it? … will I outgrow it?

This endless list of questions can make for a daunting task of taking on premises.

However, there is a solution to be found in Managed Workspace.

If you were to go to a standard estate agent to rent premises, in most cases you’d need to be willing to commit for a fixed or minimum term (usually around 3 years). For a small business, or one that has never had their own accommodation before, this can be a scary prospect as you’re committing to a cost that you may not be able to sustain, or that may not be able to accommodate your business in the long term.

Managed workspace and, in particular space within Nwes Enterprise Centres, offers tenants much greater flexibility as they operate an ‘easy in easy out’ agreement. This means that instead of needing to commit for a term of 3 years you can have an office on a monthly basis – ideal for companies taking their first steps on the property ladder! Nwes Premises offers a wide variety of different sized and specification space, ranging from a desk within a co-working environment, to light industrial and workshop units, up to state of the art innovation space.

Another feature of Enterprise Centres is the communal services that they offer.  This could be access to phone systems or broadband, reception and secretarial services, or something as simple as a daily post collection.

In addition to flexible lease terms our centres offer an all-inclusive service so each month you know what the outgoings will be as items such as electricity are included in the overall rental amount.  This makes budgets and cash flow much easier as you know what the costs will be.

The main advantage of Enterprise Centres is the support that they offer. Upon signing a lease businesses are often left to find their own way.  At Nwes Enterprise Centres there is a dedicated team which is on hand to offer guidance to both new and growing businesses. This coupled with the opportunity to rub shoulders with other like-minded individuals mean that running a company need not be a lonely business.

Nwes tenants have free access to our team of business advisors; in addition to this you also have a free meeting room allocation that you are able to make use of any Nwes meeting room throughout our portfolio of 20 sites across the East of England.

Nwes Enterprise Centres bring real added value to their tenants.

There are times when companies have the aspiration of having their own premises but are not quite ready.  In the case of expanding companies, they may want to test out the local market first, and in these situations customers can make use of the Nwes Virtual Incubation Programme (VIP).

VIP is a virtual tenancy agreement which will help you maintain a professional image without the expense of having to rent or buy office space. As well as providing instant access to a professional business address without the need to physically occupy a unit, you will have access to mail handling and call management. With these support services your business will be able to grow and develop to the stage where you need premises of you own.

If you would like to find out more about the units that are available within the Nwes Centres please visit the Nwes website www.nwes.org.uk, email premises@nwes.org.uk or call us on 08454 374 465

Written by Matthew Holden, Technical Support Manager

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