5 December 2014

Nerd student with an old mobile phone

Can you believe it’s 22 years since the first text was sent on a mobile phone?  Victoria Williamson, Nwes Business Advisor, takes a look at the new technologies hitting the market in 2015

Have you ever counted how many pieces of Tech you have in your life?  We have all come to rely on so many of these gizmos and gadgets in our everyday lives …..

  • Apps that tell you when to go to bed; when to get up; and even analyses your sleep pattern
  • Tablets that become a laptop; can store as much data as the average desk to; replace your TV

And so the list goes on.  Yet you ask the average Joe and they have one of each.

Technology has moved on so far in the last 5 years and is an increasingly big part of our everyday lives.  So what is going to happen in 2015?

The launch of the Apple Watch, which is set for Spring 2015 with prices from £216, is going to bring wearable technology to the mainstream. Other options have been available for some months but everyone has been waiting to see what Apple has to offer to the market, and this is sure to herald an explosion in wearable technology. Interestingly Apple seems to be shifting its focus from not only offering desirable features such as fitness monitors and its connected services but also concentrating on high-end fashion items which have even featured in Vogue! Will this prove to be the catalyst of wearable technology for 2015?

Google Glass is also a type of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display. It was developed by Google with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a smart phone-like hands-free format. Wearers communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. The Glass Explorer edition is currently on the market at £1,000.  Google Glass continues to get press and its development is sure to continue.  It takes away the need to look at a handset – we have all seen people walking down the street looking down at their phones, and they so often end up bumping into someone. Google are beginning to promote these products with the strap line “where fashion meets technology” which interestingly seems to be following the line being taken by Apple.

The launch of the iPhone 6 also saw the launch of Apple Pay. This has the potential to be the game changer in regard to mobile wallets and contactless payments. Most of us now have a debit and credit card which has the contactless symbol, and allows us to pay for good up to £20 without the input of a PIN number. However this does raise the security question. The risk is covered in an article on the Computing website.  It is only a matter of time before our phones, which in many cases already incorporate the relevant wallet capability, will be used for these small payments. Although other systems already exist, will it be Apple through its iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch who will finally make the breakthrough in 2015?

Victoria Williamson, Nwes Business Advisor


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