8 April 2016

Ackerman Pierce supplies predominantly temporary staff to the public sector. It has grown from a new business in 2014 to a multi-million pound key supplier into some niche healthcare sectors.

Director Harry Hopkins’s day generally starts with a read-through of industry blogs and articles, followed by a quick strategy meeting with his business partner. This leads into the 8:30am company-wide start at which all staff are be present and “the games begin”. Trading hours start with staff eagerly sourcing candidates for live vacancies that the consultants found the previous day.

Harry keeps a keen eye on the company statistics, or Key Performance Indicators, on an hour by hour basis using live feeds coming into his emails and a large digital screen processing the output of the phones. Using this information Harry then notices areas for improvement and pushes the staff forward offering support and guidance where needed.

Harry has had many new staff join, so has been doing various training tasks to prepare them for office life, including on-site IT training and one-on-one training from Harry himself.

Ackerman pierce has grown over the last year. They have gone from one of our smaller offices here at Harlow Enterprise Hub, to the largest office in the building. Harry has motivated the team by making a large breakout area in the room consisting of a pool table, comfy chairs and fridges full of luxuries. This has helped them to reach their targets and boosted morale.

Harry strives to be very successful and reach his ambitions, which so far, he’s achieved. He is looking to build up the company even more over the next couple of years.

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Written by Nwes Centre Coordinator, Ellie Hopwood.

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