16 February 2015

Bike Outside an Old-Fashioned Shop

What revelations does retirement hold for you?  Perhaps you have your retirement well planned?  For example, you may have decided to emigrate; to spend more time in the garden; or travel.  Or maybe you are not sure what retirement may mean.

There are many people who are choosing to retire early from their occupations or professions.  Whether you choose to retire sooner or later, you may be a person who desires to do some kind of work, either for the additional remuneration to supplement a pension, or simply because the thought of life without some form of work is unthinkable!

People taking early retirement who have specialised experience in particular kinds of occupations often set themselves up as self employed consultants.  As consultants they visit clients and provide support in their area of expertise to those who need this kind of help.  Others perhaps choose to develop their hobbies or interests into small businesses.  Things like photography, painting and decorating, and handyman activities are good examples of this.

Over the years I have met several retired people who have set up small businesses, not because they are looking to earn high profits.  Their motivation has simply been that after working for an employer for many years, they wanted to prove to themselves, they could take what is an idea, and turn it into what is for them a successful business.

Nwes can offer you all the help and advice you will need if you think self employment may be an exciting journey for you.  Finding out just what is involved will help you to see whether self employment could be one of your retirement revelations.

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Written by Joseph Barrell, Nwes Business Support Specialist


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