26 June 2018

– Richard Voisey, Nwes Business Consultant

British magazine ‘The Grocer’ has reported that Salad Cream, one of the UK’s most traditional condiments may soon be renamed ‘Sandwich Cream’ in response to a new study.

Heinz, owner of the Salad Cream brand, reported that new research shows only 14% of those who buy the sauce use it on salads, with many more preferring to use it in sandwiches. If Heinz no longer feels that the dressing fairly represents the product’s ingredients or usage occasions and goes ahead with a re-brand, it would be the first name change for the product since its launch in 1914.

Devoted fans of the traditional name have already taken to social media to express their anger which begs the question, is this story simply about the renaming of a product or is it a PR campaign in disguise?

Any major brand that has survived over a 100 years has massive worth and my feeling is that this is a clever piece of PR to encourage column inches in the papers, discussion on TV and of course social media to encourage more sales. We will see!


Naming, or renaming, a product of your own

Questions to ask when deciding on naming a product brand are covered below. The challenge of course is to consider a name that may need to be generic, rather than specific like salad cream, as products and their usage evolves.

+ It should be readable, easy to pronounce and spell. If someone hears it, can they then google it?

+ Short, punchy and memorable. If it’s too long, it could be abbreviated, you lose control of the name.

+ It needs to be unique or at least unique to your industry. Can you acquire a domain name and acquire social media accounts for it such as Twitter and Facebook?

+ Will the name grab people’s attention, will it evoke positive thoughts? Is it emotive and inspiring?


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