18 August 2015

Hands up if you hate sales? Or if there’s even a small part of you that finds the idea of selling uncomfortable? There are many psychological reasons why a lot of people find it difficult to sell which creates mental blocks and then prevents them from standing out (and breaking even for that matter). We’ve outlined, and then dispelled, some of the key concerns that often play on people’s minds when it comes to the dirty word…

You think you’re imposing.

You hate it when people try to ram things down your throat and so when you approach someone to talk about your product, you assume that you’re coming across as the same to them as other people do to you.

Well, if you did your business plan and market research properly, nothing could be further from the truth. If you know who you’re target audience is and you’ve developed your product and service properly, on the contrary people are searching for what you have to sell. That’s why there’s Google. Do it with pride and do it like you mean business.

It’s frowned upon.

There’s a huge stigma around sales which stems from decades, if not centuries, of prejudice due to it not being a ‘credible’ profession. We’ll fast forward the History lesson and flag up the fact that today things are very different from how they were before. Today it’s not the person who has the most qualifications or even experience who is valued, but it’s the person who produces results and knows how to adapt. If you ever feel uncomfortable that you’re doing something that you’re not comfortable with, just remind yourself that you’re starting off from the very same place that all the greatest people in History did, and they all only made History because they did what made them uncomfortable for the sake of their long term goals.

It’s boring.

Developing the product and the promotional material is the exciting part, but when it comes to sales you think it’s all transactional and repetitive.

Sales can be quite possibly the most creative thing you can do. Especially as today there are so many different ways to sell (online, social media, website etc) in-store is no longer the only option which means you can get as creative as you want. Don’t think of sales as door-to-door or standing on a shop floor (even though that’s important too) as an entrepreneur in the 21st century, you have more resources and support to tell your story and that’s what sales is all about.

Concentrating on a job that doesn’t involve sales

Everything is sales. And we mean everything. If you’re not selling your own product, service or yourself, then by default you’re a walking sales advert for another company deterring customers from yourself to another provider. Successful sales tactics pull details to represent the whole so it’s not all ‘£5 off’ or ‘Buy one, get one free’, but it’s also ‘I collaborated with this person…was featured on this website…have these skills’.

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