20 January 2015

Depressed business man

In recent times, I have met people from all ages and backgrounds who are coming to terms with the fact that they have been made redundant by their employers.  Apart from the obvious financial implications of redundancy, there are underlying factors which impinge upon an individual’s ability to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle.  Redundancy can have a serious effect on self esteem.  The word itself – “redundant” – speaks volumes about how we may see our position in the world, once we are told that our services are no longer required.

Having faced redundancy myself, some years ago, I found huge consolation in remembering that it is not the person who is made redundant, but the position.  Realising this helped me to see new opportunities and possibilities on the road ahead.

A great way to overcome redundancy is through the avenue of self employment.  Gaining independence through working for ourselves has a profound effect on our confidence and self-esteem.

If you are in receipt of a redundancy payment and considering starting your own business, please remember, you have probably worked hard over a long period for that money.  Before rushing out and immediately blowing it all in opening a business, there is a need to find out how to plan and run a successful business.  You may be an expert in your chosen field, however, to be successful in running your own business will necessitate acquiring business skills such as marketing, financial forecasting, financial management, and knowledge of the rules and regulations appertaining to self employment.

The ability to examine the concept of a business and assess viability is key to identifying risk factors.  Investing redundancy money wisely, will depend on assessment of the risk factors involved.  With the right product or service at the right time, a bright future awaits the right person.  You really cannot afford to gamble money without taking the time to ensure that you are equipped with the tools to do the job.

Nwes can help you to acquire the business knowledge you will need.  This is knowledge and information that helps our clients to move their business idea forward; clients such as Sandi, who emailed with the following comments:

 Hi John,  

Just a quick update, and a thank you for the spread-sheets you shared with us on the course. 

I have now opened my business bank account and they were very impressed that I could provide them with such accurate figures from my business plan and also they were exceptionally pleased with all the detail I could provide them from it. 

I applied over the internet but the guy that spoke to me to talk through my application on the phone said that it was one of the best prepared applications he had seen.  He was very interested when I told him about the help I had had from NWES and to be honest it would not have been half as easy if I hadn’t had the help you provided.

So, thanks once again.  

Best regards,   Sandi

The knowledge and skills you learn will compliment your expertise in the delivery of your chosen product or service.  I believe that businesses getting the right advice and help at the pre-start stage are more likely to thrive.

Remember ……….. you have not been made redundant, your position has been made redundant.

Written by Joe Barrell, Nwes Business Support Specialist

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