22 December 2014

The following may give you an idea for a last minute Christmas present for the budding entrepreneur you know …..

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“I have never been one to do things by the book, but I have been inspired and influenced by some remarkable people in both business and life in general.” says Anita Edwards, Nwes Business Advisor and Trainer,  “These are the business books that inspired me – and hopefully they will inspire you too!”   ……

Losing My Virginity     Losing my Virginity   by Richard Branson

The first book I ever read was back in 1999……….

Like him or loathe him, you’ve got to admit it, Richard Branson has a list of achievements unmatched by any other UK businessman.  He is a dynamo of drive and guts with enough ambition to sink a battleship – or perhaps that should be a jumbo jet !

I found Branson’s autobiography immensely fascinating reading. Richard bares his soul, from childhood, school days (cheating at exams), loves and losses (lost one wife when a spot of wife-swapping went drastically wrong–for him), death-defying adventures (yes, the balloons are all there), to the rise and rise of the Virgin empire.

“… a great read – sex, balloons, intrigue and money” Sunday Business

But it’s an impressive tome of over 600 pages, and if time is short then try ‘Screw It … Let’s Do It’,

Screw It, Lets Do It    basically a summary of “Losing My Virginity”

It is still great – Branson talks in a very down to earth manner – this is a very good quick summary, which, if you like it, you should definitely then read his autobiography for more details on how he got where he is today.

Common Sense Rules     Common Sense Rules   by Deborah Meaden

I love Deborah Meaden on Dragons Den – I cringe at times, but I love her straight talking, no nonsense manner.  Her book is not an autobiography, although there are biographical elements.  What it is though, is common sense business advice with real insight into what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Much about starting and running your own business is basic common sense.  Most people over complicate things – especially in the beginning.  Trying to do too much too soon is one of the top ten causes of business failure.

I am constantly using the phrase in training “ its not rocket science” – and, you know what? ….. it really isn’t!

I think she also came out with the best quote ever, and one I use in the training room ….. “ to succeed in business you have to do more than just be there .  You have got to love every minute “

Anyone Can Do IT     Anyone Can Do It   by Duncan Bannatyne

If, like me, you are an avid viewer of `The Dragons Den’, you will have already had a glimpse of the personality of Duncan Bannatyne.  From the inability to hide a mischievous grin when faced with a weird and wonderful contestant or idea (and in some cases both!), to getting seriously involved in negotiations on an idea he thinks could work, you will get a hint as to why he is successful.  He enjoys what he does and he seems to enjoy life.

The book gives both an insight into the man as well as how he has developed his flourishing business empire into a huge concern, with no signs yet of wanting to sitting back and rest on his laurels.  It’s a great read whether you’re looking for a business book with a difference, or simply to know more about a man who truly believes that anyone can be as successful as he is, if they approach things with the right attitude.  But, be warned, once you start reading it will be difficult to stop and you’ll probably end up reading the book in one sitting and on coming to the end, find that all those ideas you had of creating your own business suddenly have a new lease of life

Winnie the Pooh on Success     Winnie the Pooh on Success   by Roger E Allen and Stephen D Allen

We are constantly analysing what success means to us as individuals and how we are to achieve it, and this book provides a fun way of defining both personal and professional success.

Through imaginary conversations with Pooh, Owl, Piglet and the other inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood, the content lays down how to plan and set manageable objectives.  Getting right back to basics with, setting goals, planning, and organisation – and it’s all centred around achieving their goal – Eeyore’s birthday party.

It’s a fabulously relaxed style and has great illustrations – the perfect bedtime read for anyone interested in analysing what they want from life and how that can be achieved .

Dear Entrepreneur     Dear Entrepreneur   by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman

A collection of ‘letters from those that have made it and are making it happen’.

Danny and Andrew set about writing to people to ask how they had gone about setting up in business – and decided to publish the replies.

“No matter how tough it’s been, no matter how many times we’ve been told ‘no’ or ‘it won’t work’, not for one second has any of us regretted the moment we set up Innocent full time. If you’re thinking of setting up your own business, we couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” ( Richard Reed, Innocent Drinks)

Read this book and who is to say you won’t start the biggest adventure of your life?


Written by Anita Edwards, Nwes Business Advisor and Trainer

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