12 November 2020


“Paperwork may seem a bit of a bore, however I can assure you I’m not!”


Sarah Dugdell works in the Contracts & Compliance department here at Nwes. Within this blog, Sarah talks about her role within the company and her own experience of working at Nwes during the pandemic.

“Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m often found looking at the paperwork you need to complete when signing up to one of our fab programmes. Paperwork may seem a bit of a bore, however I can assure you I’m not! I do, however, love reading over documents to ensure all the t’s are crossed an the i’s dotted. Your information is incredibly important to us; we treat all of your details with respect. Next time you complete a form, remember me and know you’re completing it for a reason.

I really enjoy working for Nwes and now we find ourselves working in a different environment because of the Covid pandemic, Nwes have shown flexibility and and helped me every step of the way making sure my ‘home office’ has everything I need. Nwes can help you too. Adaptability through challenging times is something we’re top-notch at.

Below, you will see me travelling into work at the office during summer 2020 on a rare visit to collate all of your lovely forms (before lockdown 2.0). I have every confidence in working in our Covid-safe office. I’ve been looked after tremendously. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Sarah, travelling safely into work in Summer 2020.

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