23 March 2015

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Monday morning ….. fresh from the weekend ….. as you get in the car and turn the ignition key, are your thoughts about how you will make a difference to someone this week?

Maybe not? As a business owner or manager, you’re probably thinking about strategies to develop your own business, lead and manage, and make a profit. That’s what businesses do.

But every week, new entrepreneurs start businesses in every corner of the UK and they’ll probably make the same mistakes you did when you first started – ‘learning the hard way’ if you like …

So here’s how you could make a difference to someone like this –

Right now, Nwes is looking for business owners and senior managers (past and present) to join our business Mentoring Programme.

As a delivery partner of the Government’s Start-Up Loans programme, we’ve loaned over £2.2m to people starting their own business. Every entrepreneur is given the opportunity to work with a Mentor who will help them through the critical start-up phase. And as you’ve read this far, you might well be that person.

Mentors tell us that the opportunity to give something back is their main motivation and they enjoy seeing others succeed – as one mentor said, “That’s why we come to work.”  Time is given voluntarily, about two hours each month as a minimum, but others are happy to donate more – it’s whatever works for you.

Mentoring is about guidance, encouragement, listening and sharing. It’s not about running their business or getting uncomfortably involved.  Good mentors give priceless support and enjoy learning about other people, as well as themselves.  A problem shared is often a problem solved so thinking, and doing ‘outside the box’ often brings fresh insight and ideas into your own business.  Effective mentoring is built on trust and respect ….. it’s a two way street.

So making a difference is actually quite easy.

If you’re not yet convinced, think it over on the way home and drop me an email in the morning to lucy.cannell@nwes.org.uk and let’s see what we can do to help the next generation of businesses.

Already convinced?  There’s more information on our website, or call me on 01603 227880, and we’ll get things moving ….

Written by Paul Gardner, Start-Up Loans Manager


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