21st May 2015

(c) Seajacks - Leviathan turbine install on GGOWLECOWindS LogoECOWindS is  a pan-European FP7 project which was set up to investigate innovation and research to bring lower costs to offshore wind servicing. 

Bookings have now opened for the  final project conference.

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Presented at the conference will be any recommendations based on the project’s findings.  Free to attend, this conference is being held on 29th September 2015 at OrbisEnergy, Lowestoft, UK, the region’s hub for offshore renewables.

The event is aimed specifically at supply chain businesses, education providers and research communities, to find out how they can provide solutions for the sector. There will be keynote speakers from policy makers and across the industry, with focus on the main challenges facing offshore wind servicing across Europe. Bringing together more than 200 representatives from industry, politics, education and research from across Europe, there will be the opportunity to review the project’s outcomes and developments, and to explore how to move forward.

The day will be split into four sessions:

  • Cost reduction through innovation in offshore
  • EcoWindS’ joint action plan and the importance of EU collaboration to the developing industry
  • A panel debate and open questions
  • Knowledge is power – innovation and the challenge of big data.

The conference is the main feature of a three-day event in Lowestoft from September 28th-30th. Delegates are invited to a drinks reception at OrbisEnergy on the evening of September 28th, there is also a range of side events running in Lowestoft on September 30th:

  • Mini skills and health and safety conference will be held in association with Lowestoft College
  • Innovation in Blade Access and Repair Demonstration
  • Vessel showcase at Lowestoft Port
  • B2B networking event at OrbisEnergy

Johnathan Reynolds, ECOWindS project director at OrbisEnergy, representing the project’s UK partners, said the project had stimulated much research to share.

“It is essential that ECOWindS’ proposals meet the demands of the sector and are in touch with the required innovation needs of offshore wind servicing.” said Johnathan, “We are looking forward to feedback at the conference.  Much ground has been covered, especially in how innovation in offshore wind servicing can achieve cost reductions across the industry, which has been the over-arching theme of the project. There will be a technical session about this on the day.

“We are delighted with how the four partner countries have worked together. The conference is the opportunity to recap, celebrate and discuss what has been achieved so far and look forward to how the research and initiatives can be used to make the recommendations reality and start to bring down the real costs of offshore wind servicing as the industry develops.”

Hans A Pedersen, of Offshoreenergy.dk, Denmark, is the ECOWindS project leader.  He feels that one of the key outcomes of the project had been the formulation of the Joint Action Plan which was as a result of intensive collaboration between four research driven clusters in a process led by Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  “The central storyline of the JAP is that, through the development of inter-regional interconnections, offshore wind servicing enterprises gain complementary capabilities and are able to deliver new and improved services to operators.” said Mr Pedersen, “On the whole, the project has benefited all four regions from involving local stakeholders and knowledge persons in regional workshops. We appreciate the dedicated involvement of all participating stakeholders.”

Further details and speaker announcements will be published over the coming weeks via the ECOWindS website – www.ecowinds.eu

Full details of the ECOWindS final conference and how to book free places can be found here – http://ecowinds.eu/final-confernce

For further information contact ecowinds@orbisenergy.co.uk

ECOWindS was launched in 2012 as a collaborative project involving partners from Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK to focus on cost reduction in offshore wind servicing.

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