14 December 2008

On Friday I was reminded that some agencies see BSSP as a spectre which threatens irreversible harm to their businesses. There is much speculation in the industry over what BSSP will mean when it comes into being. On the face of it a reduction in public sector funded schemes into simple “strands” which are easily understood by the businesses and entrepreneurs who are the target audience is hard to argue with. However many believe that it will mean the end for their projects and way of working and hence the series of defensive comments being made by those who are unwilling to change to meet clients needs.

Will government get it right first time? Of course not – that we can be certain about. However the general principles of BSSP are sound even if some of the detail does leave one concerned about gaps appearing. So should we fight it tooth and nail? Again a simple answer – NO! We should be at the forefront using our unique knowledge of client needs to influence strategy at both a regional and national level.

Unfortunately some organisations in the industry are taking a combatative role in releasing mischevious (and often wrong) press releases which will give them a moment of glory but burn bridges with the people that they are trying to influence. I hope that people think before dashing off a hasty press release which they will repent at leisure as contracts are lost and their business contracts.

I am a great believer in “telling it as it is”, but to the people that matter directly, not through crass spats in the media. This is a last resort and once used your armoury is bare so use it carefully.

BSSP is a subject which I will return to several times as its impacts start to become clearer.

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