27 August 2015

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An exciting new business support programme funded by the government’s Regional Growth Fund Round 6 is seeking entrepreneurs and experienced business professionals to assist with the delivery of the programme.

The programme aims to recognise Norfolk and Suffolk’s innovative companies and accelerate their growth ambitions through quality business advice, inspirational networking events that stimulate peer learning, innovative multimedia business support and access to grant funding as an investment catalyst. These are the individuals and companies that will be creating jobs, growing at a faster rate than others, and going on to be leaders in their sector. The scheme will work with businesses where job creation and investment plans can be brought forward or the scope can be increased.

To assist in the delivery of the programme an investment panel made up of experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs is being established. Experience of either running a business or working with a significant number of businesses in a legal, finance or marketing role will be an essential requirement of panel members. The panel will review recommendations made by Nwes, the scheme administrators, accepting or rejecting businesses onto the scheme and in due course reviewing grant applications from those accepted onto the scheme.

Investment panel members will not be remunerated but they will be an integral part of the scheme and this will include invitations to the membership events. The majority of reviews will be undertaken via email with a peak commitment required form the panel in Autumn 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016.

If you are interested in this opportunity contact Andrew Wilson at:


01603 227872

07787 521890


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