18 February 2016

12628517_1120521957980331_6484408705178859379_oWhen I first started working for Nwes in 2015, the grand opening of the Old Courthouse, Thurrock, seemed in the distant future. Who would be invited? Who would do speeches? Who would do the catering? Oh – and when would it be? Well, now launch has arrived. So the question is, how did it go?

The day was a complete success – held on Friday 29th January, canapes made the rounds, the band played and people connected. The centre was filled with local companies – tenants and no doubt soon to be tenants! – councilors, and of course our very own Nwes representatives. There was so much going on – it all went by in a flash.

12694884_1120521891313671_1405709907500147693_oOn arrival, attendees were greeted by Nwes staff and handed a drink, before they got their chance to see what the centre is all about.

Nwes’ Strategic Director, John Balch, and Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, cut the ribbon followed by a round of speeches in the reception area. It was a great moment and all the people involved with the building and the opening were thanked.

12628530_1120521967980330_7410029373912960638_oPeople at the event got the chance to take a tour of the centre and see what we had to offer. With the centre being an old court that once housed prison cells, you can guess what everyone was excited to take a look at first! Many people had been in the building years ago but many had never set foot in the building. To think, an old prison cell is now an office! The old court room and prison cells give great character to the building, as well as the main reception area, which looks like what I would call a New York loft – that ‘modern chic’ look.

12657812_1120521971313663_5775856901002156627_oThe feedback was remarkable from all parties who attended – the day had a great atmosphere. For Nwes, it was an exciting, highly-anticipated event.

Now that the centre is open, the grand opening has launched us into a packed calendar of events. Our first networking event is being held on 4th March and we are celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March. The word is out – we are officially open!

Written by Nwes Senior Coordinator, Charlotte Williams.



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