9 February 2015

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As I was walking my fiancé to school this morning (don’t worry … she’s a teacher) we were discussing her report writing.  Being the conscientious person that she is they are almost done bar spell checking and re-reading.  However, she was teased yesterday for being so organised, while others were saying that they work better under pressure and prefer to get closer to the deadline before starting.

This made me think, is there such thing as working better under pressure or is it that people are more motivated by a looming deadline?

For me it is always better to be prepared and give yourself time to complete a task as what contingency do you have if you are working to the last minute?

I was at a presentation recently where a gentleman was discussing procurement and how businesses can access contracts through this route, but a key part of his presentation involved contingency planning and the importance surrounding this procedure when tendering.

It is something most businesses do not consider, but just because the risk is low does not mean that having a plan in place for certain circumstances is not crucial.  None of us like to think of worst case scenarios but as the old British army adage suggests ‘proper planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance.’

Have you considered how your business would remain operational should you suffer from a fire or a flood?  These are at the extreme end of the spectrum but there are situations that have a much higher risk factor including inclement weather stopping employees reaching their workplace, or a power cut leaving you without phone lines or internet access.

These are all factors that need to be planned for and communicated to employees so they know exactly what they need to do in the event of an unexpected crisis.  Just because something is unlikely to happen does not mean it won’t.

There are some great articles on line about contingency planning and I have listed a at the end of this article.

Remember to consider it is not just the immediate effect that you need to plan for but also the aftermath and getting your business back on track after an unexpected turn of events.

As the old saying goes ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed’.

Written by Tom Bircham, Nwes Senior Business Events Advisor

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