31 March 2016

On his retirement, Nwes Advisor Vic Short, reflects on his 41 year career:

Well this is it. My last day of paid employment – ever! Sounds great, and of course it is, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little apprehensive after having got up and gone to work for more than 41 years. It’ll be strange to start with I’m sure, but I know I’ll get used to it pretty quickly!

I haven’t looked for a manual on how to do retirement and I’m not sure how one is meant to feel or react, so I’ll take it as it comes and enjoy every moment.

My varied career since 1974 has seen me work in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, the City, and finally Norfolk and Suffolk, so I’ve been around a bit so to speak. In September 1974, my first month at work, I earned £64 for the whole month. I thought I was rolling in it having only ever had 50p per week pocket money before that. Even after paying my folks £5 per week towards my keep, I’d still have about £40 to last me the month, so quite a jump from £2!

That first job was with Lloyds Bank – the local branch manager was a senior member of the local community who commanded real respect. He got most of his business done either on the golf course or at agricultural shows, so was often “out and about”. I remember it so vividly. I used to have to make his coffee in the mornings. He was a big, imposing character who’d flown a Lancaster bomber in WW2. I knew his name, but he was “sir” and I was “boy”. That’s the way it was. Woe betides if you hadn’t tied your tie properly, cleaned your shoes to a high polish or weren’t wearing a white shirt with your suit. Rolled up long sleeves incurred a punishment worse than death! How times have changed. In some respects for the better, in some worse, but that’s just my opinion of course.

To put things into financial perspective, we bought our first house for £21,950 in 1981. It was a three bed, mid-terraced property in the delightful little Dorset village of Milborne St Andrew. A £20k mortgage seemed really daunting at the time – nowadays that might get you a half decent car, depending on your taste of course.

So after a long and varied career, largely spent in the financial services and business advice sectors, I’ve spent the last two years and three months sailing the good ship Nwes across Norfolk and latterly Suffolk. I’ve met some really interesting businesses and people along the way. And then of course, there’s the Nwes team itself, many of whom I’ve got to know reasonably well over the time I’ve been here. It’s been a privilege, a pleasure and fun along the way.

Whenever one leaves a job, it tends to be the people one misses most and leaving Nwes is no exception. Truly exciting times are in store for Nwes and in some respects I’m sorry that I won’t be a part of that. However, I’ll be staying in touch and watching with interest – probably from RSPS Minsmere or similar.

To those people and businesses I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and helping, I wish you every success for the future.

Written by Nwes Business Advisor, Vic Short.

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