9 May 2016

Our centres are home to a huge array of businesses. We took a few minutes to catch up with Fiona Baker, Office Administrator for Work Force Group, a tenant at South Suffolk Business Centre. She shared a typical day in her business with us, from morning latte to lights out.

Fiona is a part of a family run business, Work Force Group, based in Sudbury, Suffolk. She lives with her family and cat, Tiddy.

My alarm goes off…At 6.00am – after a bowl of fruit and a cup of green tea I either head straight to the gym for a swim, then home to get showered and changed ready to leave for work at 8.30am, or do a bit of housework and get the evening meal ready.

I’m responsible for…Looking after the staff, organising the rotas, checking the time sheets, stock orders, liaising with site managers, booking in work and replying to emails.

I got my job when…I joined the family business a year ago. I have found a real sense of satisfaction in making things happen, organising, helping and assisting with the day to day running of Work Force.  My big sister Suzi owns the business. We have always been very close and we work really well together. We are very similar in lots of ways. This works well in the office as we often know what the other one is thinking or how to solve an issue if for whatever reason we are running the office on our own for the day.

My typical day…Starts with a briefing with Suzi to discuss any issues for the day. I then type the rotas up for the following day, collecting any information together for the jobs that the teams have on. Once the rotas are completed I will put the previous day’s work onto the spreadsheets, follow up any calls, make sure we have the correct stock.

The day can change at any time with a site not being ready or a customer cancelling – if this happens it’s then back to the rotas to re-organise staff and fit the jobs into an already busy week! Towards the end of the week, I have to plan the rotas for the next week. We have around 30 staff and they all need to be emailed with their work for the following week.

There is also the general phone answering and replying to emails throughout the day. Suzi and I usually have lunch around 1pm but generally it is a working lunch as the phone never stops ringing! I regularly liaise with Dina on reception to book the meeting room out for interviews or to discuss any issues that may arise. The teams usually arrive back to the office any time after 4pm onwards so I will discuss with them their day and any problems that have arisen, making sure the cars are ready to go out the following day.

My most memorable work moment…Every day is memorable!

The worst part of my job…There are never enough hours in the day!

The best part of my job…Getting to see my sister every day and working with a great bunch of people.

After work…I go home to enjoy dinner and a glass of wine or two with my family or go out with friends. My favourite things to watch are films, Grey’s Anatomy, Silent Witness & Vera. I usually go to bed around 11.30pm.

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