25 July 2016

ROUEN HOUSE 1Nwes has a wide variety of businesses based at Rouen House, all with different needs and requirements through the day – ensuring no two days are the same. As a company, Nwes prides ourselves on delivering a happy and content working environment for our tenants, visitors, and staff.

At the start of a new day, arriving I can already feel the buzz of the tenants, their clients and people in the centre eager to start another working week.

The morning ring of the coffee bell is always welcomed. With the fresh barista coffee from Cafe2U outside, it’s an ideal pick me up for anyone who is struggling from the weekend or in need of a good coffee – and it is such a good coffee! This has been a great way for all the different tenants to get to know one another and continues to be a great success. Freddo Friday is our most popular coffee day – a free Freddo with every coffee! Who wouldn’t want a free Freddo?!

The mornings are a continuous hustle and bustle through the doors, as the morning flys by. Lunch time is a particularly popular part of the day; staff in the building enjoy venturing out into the midday sun…or normally a lunchtime shower! The fantastic location of Rouen House, so close to the centre of Norwich, means everyone has a huge selection to choose from for lunch. With this comes a variety of aromas, not helping to tame hungry stomachs of people who haven’t made it out of the office.

The afternoon continues to be busy with a range of people coming to the centre for a variety of reasons. As the Centre Coordinator my role varies from administration to marketing and even putting on networking events for our tenants and clients. This allows me to have contact with a huge range of different businesses and grow expand their networks to help them improve their business.

For new companies. Rouen House can be home to a fantastic business journey, fully supported by Nwes. Many of our customers join us as a virtual tenant at an early stage of their business – this allows businesses to enjoy an NR1 postcode and telephone number without the stress of their business registered to their home address. As their business grows and their requirements do as well,  we are able to fulfill this, from co-working space to their own office. We are able to help businesses grow, expand, and continue to support the local business community. Seeing tenants go through the journey and grow into thriving businesses is a fantastic feeling and is something which never gets old.

As a company, Nwes pride ourselves on providing an excellent level of customer service and we strive to ensure this is a level maintained throughout the customer journey and every day at the centre. All of the Nwes team have that passion inside them!

Written by Katie Howard, Rouen House Centre Coordinator.

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