2 October 2016


Dotty Hippo Design

After working for almost twenty years as a Graphic Designer, Louise Ince decided to set up and establish her own company in 2009, known as Dotty Hippo Design.  Since then, Louise’s company has gone from strength to strength. 

Louise started working from home and went on to receive the Thurrock Business of the Year Award, becoming a finalist in the Essex Business Awards.  Following from this, she then moved into her first office for three years, until recently when she moved into The Old Courthouse, becoming our very first tenant!

So what does Louise do from day to day?  That we wonder!  As director of the company, Louise is structured and punctual.  Louise arrives at The Old Courthouse for her working day, starting off with a coffee, checking her emails and answering any queries.  From then on, Louise has a well-thought-out day making sure that all her projects are scheduled in and completed in a time efficient way.  This can include anything from brochures, logos, social media and exhibitions.  Remembering to have lunch and taking breaks to get fresh air is also planned into the day.  Louise also works alongside and closely with her sister Nikki, who completes all the admin work. 



In addition, Louise also set up the Thurrock Networking Group.  This used to be based at the Thurrock Centre for Business; yet this has been moved to The Old Courthouse since it opened.  The event always has an excellent turn out, with plenty of business relationships developing.  However, come night time, Louise takes off her Graphic Design hat and becomes a gym instructor!

Visit the Dotty Hippo website here

-Charlotte Williams, Senior Centre Coordinator

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