31 October 2017

-Daniel Hughes, Digital Marketing Administrator

With the new age of visual content being crowned, video has become a vital form of content to get as much exposure as possible with the ever-prominent target of going viral.

I understand it. You’re just starting a small business or even looking to expand your brand. You’ve seen the hype around the level of engagement video marketing can bring in, and you want in on the action.

There’s just one problem. You may not know what you’re really doing, or where to start. As someone who has an invested interest in the creation of video content, I can’t say that it is the quickest or easiest marketing method, but from my experience, it is the most pleasing and rewarding.

Seeing your video climb in views and gain feedback is a feeling that cannot be matched and the results you gain in terms of engagement can, more often than not, justify the time spent.

I’ve compiled four steps that will help push you in the right direction and give you the knowledge to start implementing video content into your marketing strategies.

  1. Plan

As with everything in marketing, you need to set out from the get-go, what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This point looks the same as any other guide. But, it’s true, it really is good advice. Think of implementing a new marketing strategy as launching a new product or service. You (should) always begin with a plan.

Moreover, how are you supposed to establish success if you have nothing to measure your progress against.

To set good objectives for your video marketing campaign, I would recommend following the SMART method:

For more information on SMART objectives I would recommend looking at Smart Insights’ blog post.

Bear in mind though, when setting these objectives, you need to understand that video marketing can be a long term investment and so you may not receive amazing response in a short space of time, however, this is dependent on the types of video you create.

  1. Get Creating!

So, you have finished all of your planning, have your objectives and can finally get on to the fun part, creating the video.

At first, it is very common to be intimidated by the masses of programs and steps involved, especially if you’re completely new to it. But a mistake that almost everyone makes is expecting your first video to be your best.

If you think about it, if you intend for every video to be better than your last, it makes sense that your first is your worst, right? Of course, you should still aim to provide as much value as possible and make it as ace as possible.

So, get creative! Play with your idea until your happy. Remember creativity is key.

On a side note if you are looking for some free software to create your video then you should take a look at this blog post on video editing tools to try.

  1. Promote, Share and Enhance

Now that you’ve finished creating your video it’s time to bring it back to the good old promotional aspect.

Once you’ve uploaded it to wherever you want it based, whether that’s YouTube, your website or another social media channel, you want to try and share it across all the other platforms.

I would recommend cutting out small snippets of the video that contain the best parts and creating a short 10 second long highlight reel, linking it back to the full video. If they are interested then they are likely to click through to the full video, at that point they will be in your sales funnel and hopefully, the message in your video will entice them to follow through with your call-to-action.

  1. Analyse and improve

As with any campaign, similar to planning, you need to analyse your results. Some good stats to measure are view duration, click throughs, engagements. I think it is also beneficial to put them into a visual format e.g. graphs, charts etc. as it allows you to see a true representation of your Return On Investment (ROI).

Was the campaign a success? Because it achieved the objectives? Why did it achieve the objectives? How can we improve?


In conclusion, like any marketing method, video marketing is not easy. A phrase that has stuck with me from my past education days is: “It’s the hardest question in the world until you know the answer”, and it’s true with marketing as well. The more you try it, the better and easier it becomes.

With the 4 steps above, I hope I have been able to give you a kick start into the world of video marketing.

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