31 December 2014

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Nwes CEO takes a reflective look over the past year for businesses in our region.

A retrospective of any year can easily turn into a rehash of old news but it also offers an opportunity to use history to influence the future.  In our region we have seen a number of significant events taking place in 2014 not least the long awaited opening of the A11.  It has included a fair number of ups and downs in the business world but a theme has emerged which could be an important pointer to the future.

Unfortunately we have seen a number of household names struggling; from Heinz in North Walsham to the demise of Caterham via the perennial problems at Lotus and the constant restructuring at Aviva.  All of these impact upon our local community but to counter this we have seen a burgeoning in the number of new businesses and strong growth from our regional champions such as 3Sun and Gardline Group.

I believe that this scenario is likely to be repeated in 2015 with the balance moving in favour of faster moving smaller companies able to respond to the ever increasing changes that the economy brings.  Those leviathans who have become household names will continue to struggle due to their inability to change course quickly enough to sustain growth in the face of an ever more fickle customer.

My hope is that policy makers can respond to this shift in power to enable the drivers of growth to fulfil their potential.  A great start would be super-fast broadband everywhere combined with support for new and growing businesses –  all paid for by ensuring that the multi nationals pay their fair share of tax!

Written by Kevin Horne, CEO

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

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