Inspiring Story: Enya’s Childcare

Business Name: Enya’s Childcare

Support received: Start Up Loan and Start & Grow

Location: Peterborough


Located on the outskirts of Peterborough in Crowland, Enya’s Childcare is a fantastic addition to what the city has to offer.

What was your motivation for starting your own business?

I have many years of experience in the education and childcare sector, and have always dreamed of opening my own preschool. With this in mind, I travelled across the globe to seek out new and different ways of teaching children. It was during this time that I discovered Reggio Emilia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The fresh child-led approach demonstrated a whole new way of teaching with an aim to create ‘better citizens’ of the world.  I set up Enya’s Childcare in February 2016 with support from my partner Aaron.

The idea for Enya’s Childcare stemmed from the desire to change the world and have a positive impact. We aim to do this by nurturing the minds and imaginations of the next generation; who will ultimately be tomorrow’s movers and shakers. It is our duty to instil in them, at the earliest opportunity, an enthusiasm for learning and exploration, a yearning for expression and creativity and the child-like magic of believing anything is possible.

What makes your business unique?

Enya’s Childcare practices the Reggio Emilia system.  At the heart of this is the powerful image of the child. Hailed as an exemplary experience of early childhood education, Reggio educators do not see children as empty vessels that require filling with facts. Rather they see children as full of potential, competent and capable of building their own theories. 

Have you taken on business premises, or do you work from home?

With Ofsted registration, we have a large dedicated and newly renovated former Salvation Army hall as our setting.  Enya’s Childcare accommodates pre-school, before and after school care and a holiday club all year round. We have created developmentally appropriate surroundings where children may explore, experiment, touch and feel to learn about the beautiful world around them.

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“Having worked with Enya on her project for a while now and knowing her dedication to childcare and her sheer hard working attitude to ensuring everything is perfect, I have no doubt that this centre will be a big success and go from strength to strength.”

(Sergio Aschettino, Nwes Senior Business Advisor)

What have been the most helpful experiences and knowledge that you have gained from working with Nwes?

On my return from my travels, I contacted Nwes for support to turn my business idea into reality.  I met with Business Advisor, Sergio Aschettino, who supported us through setting-up and starting trading.  Sergio has also provided us with ongoing support.

What has the impact of support from Nwes been on you and your business?

Through Nwes, we received access to funding and received help in formulating a business plan for a loan application.  We have also received marketing support, contract of employment templates and have attended a financial skills workshop with Nwes.

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