Acorn HR

Business name:  Acorn HR

Support Received:  New Anglia Growth Programme

Location:  Hopton, Norfolk



With extensive experience of working within the charity sector, Susan Rumsby, from Hopton in Norfolk, was perfectly positioned to establish Acorn HR.  Offering human resources and employment law advice and support to charities and social enterprise groups, as well as small and start-up businesses, Acorn HR launched in September 2016.

 What was your motivation to start Acorn HR?

I have 25 years’ of experience within the field of Human Resources.  I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, as well as achieving an MA degree in Human Resource Management.  I wanted to put my expertise to use to provide organisations with a complete package of support to guide them through the maze of employment law and good HR practice.

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“Nwes Business Advisers are friendly and understand the issues faced by new start-up businesses.  They encourage you to succeed.”

How did you feel when you gained your first client?

I was apprehensive, but thrilled.  The highlight of starting my own business has been meeting lots of different people from many varying background, and building relationships.  Once you build a relationship, the work is stimulating.

What have been the challenges of starting your own business?

Becoming my own boss has been a steep learning curve.  After seeking the support of Nwes, I received one-to-one business advice, and benefited from attending workshops to develop my skills and knowledge in areas such as bookkeeping and tax.

It can be difficult finding time to undertake the tasks that keep the business running, such as marketing, finance, and record keeping.  It is important to have good time management skills and make time for these important jobs, as well as looking after your clients.”

Nwes Business Advisers are friendly and understand the issues faced by new start-up businesses.  They encourage you to succeed.

 What has the impact of Nwes’ support been?

I am even more determined to make Acorn HR thrive.  I am now looking to the future and hope to grow my client base.

Do you have advice for others who may be considering starting a business?

Running your own business can be hard at times but it is also very rewarding and stimulating.   Have a business plan. Be clear about what you want to sell, be it a product or a service.

Do your research in your chosen field.  Find out who the competitors are and what you can offer that is unique.  Be able to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, your reputation and your culture.  Be prepared to broaden your horizons as the market changes.

Nwes provides the support to keep you going.  A friendly face and an understanding of what your own needs are makes a whole lot of difference.

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