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Through work related learning and enterprise activities, Nwes WoW helps students to improve their employability skills, develop enterprise capabilities, transition from education to employment more easily, and raise their aspirations.

Nwes WoW can organise enterprise events, careers days, and activities within schools.  We can assist with co-ordinating enterprise events and can source business volunteers to support these.

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“Thank you for the invitation to be on the judging panel at the FLAG Net 2 Plate Celebration Event. It was really great to see the effort and skills being applied for the projects. The skills the students are experiencing will stand them in good stead for the future”


Neil Featherstone, Managing Partner at Future Environomics

Our activities see students engage in tasks that mirror everyday challenges of work, such as finance, budgeting, team working, planning and organisation, along with leadership and meeting deadlines. They are a fun and active way for students to experience the skills required for the World of Work.

Nwes WoW realise that young people need to be kept engaged and interested when learning. All of our programmes have been built to involve short, sharp activities to keep students focused throughout.

Skills Spotlight: Skills Spotlight allows students to experience a range of skills workshops. Workshops range from CV writing and completing application forms to interview techniques and making a good first impression.

Festival Time: Students are given the task of creating an idea for a community event or festival, which can be held local to their school. In this full day enterprise activity, students work together to create banners, flyers, posters, tickets and floor plans for their festivals to pitch to judges in a three minute presentation. Students plan budgets, potential income and expenditure, entertainment, facilities and their festival theme.

Stepping into Enterprise:  Students group together as fictitious companies, and design, produce, and advertise a training shoe products for sale to a panel of judges in this full day enterprise activity. Students will experience what it is like to designate tasks, work together as team, work on finances, produce marketing materials and ultimately, pitch their idea. Volunteers from business assist students on the day and provide real life context to the activity.

Be Your Own Boss: Be Your Own Boss is a workshop dedicated to showing students what it means to be self-employed. Workshops are typically for students who have shown an entrepreneurial spirit, or are thinking of starting their own business when they leave education.

Green Buildings : Green Buildings is an enterprise activity which asks students to design a sustainable, energy-efficient, communal building to benefit the school and local community. Students research new technologies and plan how the building would be self-sufficient and low energy. Students will be shown how important it is to be green, now and for the future, and will build on pre-existing skills whilst gaining important all-round work-skills.

Bespoke Activities: Nwes World of Work is always happy to accept a challenge – if you have an idea for an event or activity you would like to hold but are unsure of the finer details, we can tailor our existing programmes to suit your requirements or create a programme especially for your needs.

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