British Science Association CREST Awards

Nwes World of Work delivers STEM-related learning and activities in schools, with the support of the British Science Association and local industry.

The Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) Awards reward students who have shown creative problem solving in STEM project work for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

Students undertaking as little as five hours of STEM project work could be eligible for this nationally recognised award.

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Nwes World of Work delivers these awards across Norfolk and Suffolk. Contact the Nwes WoW team to find out more.

“We really appreciate the energy that WoW give our students, and look forward to having them back soon!”

Samantha Dangerfield, Asst Head teacher, Sheringham High School.

Nwes WoW is your regional CREST co-ordinator. 

We can advise you how to register for or how to set up your own science club in school. Projects can take place in lessons or in extra-curricular clubs. The multiple award levels are open to students:

Discovery Level – 5 hours work (teacher assessed)
Bronze Level – 10 hours work (teacher assessed)
Silver Level – 30 hours work (the involvement of a mentor is preferred, and the project is externally assessed)
Gold Level – 70 hours work (the involvement of a mentor is compulsory, and the project is externally assessed)

Several project formats are supported including: Practical Science Investigations; Design / Engineering Challenge; Research; and Science Communication. To learn more, speak to Nwes WoW today.

Visit the British Science Association Crest Awards website for more information and guidance on project suitability.

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