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Start Up Loans

The Start Up Loans Company is a government back initiative looking to provide finance to people over 18 wanting to start a business


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Nwes is an official delivery partner of The Start Up Loans Company delivering Start Up Loans across the East of England and Lincolnshire.

As the delivery partner, Nwes training and advice will help you develop a business plan. Once your plan is ready, this will be submitted to our independent panel and a decision will be made.

You will receive a low-cost unsecured loan, business mentoring and a range of business support products once your loan is approved.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone over the age of 18
  • Individuals setting up in business or trading for less than 24 months
  • Individuals based in England who are eligible to work and receive public funds.

Loan details;

  • Can borrow up to £25,000
  • Fixed interest rate of 6% (Typical APR 6.2%)
  • No loan arrangement fee
  • The maximum term of any loan is 5 years although the cashflow will dictate the term of loan and you will pay a fixed rate of interest.
  • Identification, address verification and credit check required

How to apply or find out more;

  • Either visit our contact page here or call the Nwes administration team on 08456 099 991
  • Head here to see an illustration* of the amounts repayable on a Start Up Loan by using their loan calculator.

A Start Up Loan is a personal loan for business purposes. The Start Up Loans Company can only lend to applicants who are 18 years or older at the time of their application. Individuals can only receive one loan, however more than one partner in a business can be eligible to apply for a Start Up Loan.

Please note that you will be credit checked as part of your application for a Start Up Loan.

Fantastic business offers;

The Start Up Loans Company have secured some fantastic business offers, exclusive to Start Up Loan recipients. These provide discounts on a number of business products and services and equip an entrepreneur with many of the tools needed to launch a successful start-up. Visit the Start Up Loans website to find out about these exclusive offers and see how they could benefit your business.

Start Up Loan data protection;

As well as our loans, we want entrepreneurs to benefit from all the expertise, advice, training and support that our partners can offer. When you sign up with us, you are agreeing for us to use the information you provide to direct you to the delivery partner we think will most be able to help you – either because of where you live, what your business will do or your personal circumstances at the time. If you are successful in your application, we will pass your personal details to selected global partners who will contact you to discuss how they might also be able to help your business.

Why do we work with Global Partners?

Whether your loan is for £500 or any other amount, we know that getting on in business requires more than just cash in the bank. Our global partners have been identified because they provide core business services that you might need, from telephone call handling to access to specialist mentors. What you get is the opportunity to access those services for either a much reduced cost, or for free.

To make this work, we need to pass your data to The Start Up Loan Company and the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, as well as our global partners so they can get in touch. However, we know there’s nothing worse than endless marketing calls. So we guarantee that you will be contacted by each partner a maximum of once. If you say no, that’s that.

Other uses for your data?

There are none. We will not share your personal data outside our partner organisations and where we do share it, we will make sure it is safe and secure.

How to apply or find out more;

Either visit our contact page here or call the Nwes administration team on 08456 099 991

Click on the image below to read more about Jason Kendle of Kendle Carpentry who received a Start Up Loan through Nwes…